Our Strategy

LACI brings people together to create an inclusive green economy.

LACI is unlocking innovation through startups, transforming markets with partnerships and enhancing community inside our campus and out in our neighborhoods.

LACI Values

Catalytic ​

We are passionate changemakers working to create an inclusive green economy. We invite and encourage innovation by convening key leaders and entrepreneurs to create catalytic solutions, partnerships, and programs.


We use a holistic, systems-based approach that leverages resources and accelerates solutions toward a shared vision. We have designed our team structure to be matrixed and highly collaborative to maximize results.


We work to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion of historically underrepresented populations and overburdened communities in the green economy. We support the team’s welI-being and staff personal and professional growth. 


We drive economic, social and environmental results by  piloting and rewarding high-impact solutions, aligning market signals, and influencing decision-makers through thought leadership and best practices.

Our Priority Areas
Our Goals

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