LACI has been helping startups since 2011, with an incubation program designed to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by cleantech companies. With experienced executive advisors, access to our network, and a growing slate of pilot programs and competitions, LACI puts our expertise, community and connections to work to help you build a successful, resilient company.

• High touch, hands-on support from Executives in Residence and expert advisors

• Curated market and network access and pilot programs, opportunity for equity

• Investor relations and due diligence support

• A slate of shared business and creative services

• Designed for regionally focused tech deployments, with an emphasis on energy, mobility and smart cities

Our focus on public and private sector partnerships sets us apart from other incubators. Government agencies, regulators, utilities and large corporations can be difficult customers to access, and traditional investors may not understand the unique challenges of the transportation and clean energy ecosystems. Let our experience and expertise help you find your way to the marketplace.

• LACI has helped 73 startups

• LACI companies have raised more than $184M

• LACI companies have created over 1700 local jobs

• $379M in economic impact for the city of Los Angeles

• Top 10 Incubator since 2014 ranked by UBI

LACI is committed to creating a cleantech community that integrates women, people of color and other underserved groups – we strongly encourage applications from underrepresented groups to help us build a more sustainable and equitable ecosystem.

We are thrilled to be part of such a groundbreaking group. LACI has helped Repurpose secure investment and build or team. We’ve expanded nationwide to become #1 in our category and we continue to grow our brand in national retail stores. It’s been a great partnership that we expect to continue adding value.”

Lauren Gropper, Repurpose

“We’ve received invaluable advice from LACI. Whether learning how to design a manufacturing run, creating proper budgets and dividing revenue between research, design and marketing – they’ve helped us at each step our company has taken.” 

Jon Miller, Hive Lighting

“LA is emerging as the new, global test center for advanced energy tech and LACI is a great example of public private partnership that is helping small businesses do big things. The help and connections we get from LACI enable us to create good manufacturing jobs from our energy storage tech, made in LA, for export to the global community.” 

Phil Roberts, California Lithium Battery

“I came to LACI at a time of transition and great need: We’d suffered a major fire, my co-founder had quit, and we needed support. In essence, LACI became my team and helped me rebuild. LACI helped us build a fiercely strong team and infrastructure, they are truly our partner. From program development and weekly strategy sessions, we couldn’t have done it without them.” 

Kabira Stokes, Homeboy Electronics Recycling

“LACI has been a fantastic partner for Freewire at each stage of our development. Their staff has a diverse set of backgrounds that we’ve leveraged for everything from investor introductions and pitch deck advice to customer acquisition and production planning. LACi has always been ready to help and goes a step further by taking a proactive role in finding ways to add value.” 

Arcady Sosinov, Freewire Technologies