Women in Cleantech

Providing thought leadership to inspire and support more women in the cleantech sector

Creating an inclusive green economy means ensuring that everyone can benefit from the green economy, either from green jobs, clean air, or accessing new zero emissions mobility or energy solutions. As part of our work in Enhancing Communities, LACI created our Women in Cleantech (“WICT”) program to intentionally recruit and support more women  in accelerating their cleantech solutions, sector expertise, and career growth.

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We launched the Women in Cleantech Program to foster gender equity through distinctive support and resources for women and historically underrepresented individuals, including thought leadership, network access, and community-building.

Curriculum Support
US Bank Series
Monthly Coffee Meetups
Annual Brunch

LACI’s Women in Cleantech events are open to all genders.

2023 WICT Annual Brunch

We went into the fall season with our annual brunch. This FREE gathering table on the farm brunch celebrated women founders and leaders in our community. We gathered together to enjoy sensational food catered by some of our local LACI founders, drinks featuring herbs picked fresh from the farm, music, merriment and reconnected with old friends and made some new ones!

Our 2023 Holiday Brunch took place at the beautifully lush Little City Farm founded by one of LACI startup entrepreneurs and we are delighted to return for another glorious gathering the heart of Los Angeles! Our annual brunch will return in the second half of 2024!

WICT (Virtual!) Monthly Coffee Meetups

Participate in a conversation with our founders and leading experts in our community, and find out what’s in store for our WICT community in 2024. Sign up for our email list to get invites to virtual Coffee Meetups and in-person gatherings!


US Bank Series

Our goal with this 3-part series was to deliver a topic-focused presentation and workshop sessions on financial subjects tailored to the needs expressed by women founders, leaders, and workforce graduates in our LACI community. We hope that if you attended one or all of these sessions that you found the presentations and discussion engaging, resources helpful, and connections valuable to you and your career!

A very special THANK YOU to our US Bank partners who developed and led the session’s programming and joined us for each event to network, learn, and offer valuable guidance. We couldn’t have made this series a reality without you all!

Check out the Follow up Resources from these events.

Thank you for joining us!

Accelerating Careers in the Green Economy

The WICT Program provides LACI with an added opportunity to prioritize female founders and workforce leaders for speaking engagements, funding opportunities, partner collaborations and introductions, as well as engage with the next generation of female entrepreneurs through the Middle School Girls in STEM Program. Since 2016, LACI has increased its overall startup diversity with 26% growth in its women founders and 45% growth in its BIPOC founders. Collectively, WICT has helped to support 120 women founders and leaders in growing their businesses and 65 women workforce participants accelerating their careers in the green economy.

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