If you’re a startup with a strategic focus on transportation & mobility, clean energy, and smart, sustainable cities, and you’re looking to bring your game-changing innovation to the marketplace, we can help.

Our integrated approach, expertise and experience have propelled us to a top ten rank in the world according to UBI Global, and LACI is committed to taking action on climate change and creating a cleantech community that integrates women, people of color and the underserved – we strongly encourage applications from underrepresented groups to help us build an inclusive green economy.

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Advanced Energy Analytics

Mohammad Mojdehi

Advanced energy analytics provides solutions for utility companies to automate and streamline processes required to interconnect green technologies to their electrical infrastructure.


Kevin Noertker

Cory Combs

The highest capacity electric aircraft ever flown


Vic Shao

Fleet charging simplied


Ariel Stern

Yair Poleg

Collect data using any sensor, over any communications network, and integrate with any SCADA or software platform

BioZen Batteries, Inc.

Nate Kirchhofer

Zach Rengert

BioZen develops advanced, “green” battery fluid that is safe and truly sustainable to produce, without compromising battery performance—critical features of any large-scale energy storage tech that must harness, deploy, and integrate exponentially with renewable energy far into the future.

California Lithium Battery

Phil Roberts

High capacity, silicon-based anode material for next-generation Li-ion batteries

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