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TEP Action Plan Consultant

LACI is seeking consultancy services to help TEP create a policy action plan, working backwards from 2028 to determine what additional policies are needed at the local, regional, state and federal levels to ensure steady progress towards the partnership’s goals and targets, as outlined in the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap 2.0.

VP Marketing & Communications

LACI seeks a VP of Marketing & Communications to work closely with the CEO on vision, priorities, and core messaging while leading a team to develop and execute plans, campaigns, and tactics to attract applicants to LACI’s programs, share LACI’s stories, and build LACI’s thought leadership.

Media & Public Relations Consulting Firm

LACI is seeking a media/public relations consulting firm to provide general support on media strategy, outreach, and story placement around the organization’s various initiatives.

Workshop Contractor - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Startups

LACI seeks a consultant to provide 1) a toolkit for independent learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion for startups whose teams may be 1-20 employees, and 2) either one or a series of 90-120 minute interactive webinar workshop(s). This RFQ is a competitive solicitation to lead content development and delivery for one or more of these topical training workshops.

Workshop Contractor - Collaborator with Disadvantaged Communities

LACI seeks a consultant to provide 1) a toolkit for independent learning about best practices for engaging in Climate Justice and building meaningful collaborations with CA Disadvantaged Communities (DACs), and 2) one 60-75 minute interactive webinar workshop about best practices for doing pilots or conducting business in collaboration with DACs. This RFQ is a competitive solicitation to lead content development and delivery for these topical training workshops.

Operations Coordinator

LACI is seeking an Operation Coordinator to coordinate Legal Compliance, Human Resources, and Finance teams. This role will be responsible for various aspects of the administrative duties and support for the team, including but not limited to, Legal Compliance, Finance, Operations and Facilities team meeting coordination, departmental goal tracking, data entry, coordinating electronic signature systems, maintaining the department record keeping system, and assisting with additional departmental projects and research.

Pipeline Coordinator - Startups

LACI is seeking Pipeline Coordinator to oversee targeted marketing and outreach efforts to attract compelling startups to LACI’s programs; manage application forms, CRM systems and networking relationships; research and recommend best practices.

Fundraising Specialist / Consultant

LACI is seeking a fundraising strategist/ consultant familiar with the public/private sector as well as the political landscape. The ideal consultant will have extensive experience with sophisticated donors who understand the power of advocacy as well as the critical need to accelerate cleantech solutions to solve climate change, along with the prioritization of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Director of Investment Relations

LACI is seeking a Director of Investor Relations to develop and manage relationships with multiple investment and funding sources in the seed, venture, mission-driven, and alternative funding worlds, including angel networks, corporate venture groups, venture investment firms, impact investment firms, family offices, and other alternative sources.

Portfolio Company Opportunities


Senior Full Stack Developer

You will be responsible for building and leading the technical development of ChargeNet’s backend software. Specific duties
include building orchestrators to manage data flows from collection to storage in ChargeNet’s AWS cloud to utilization by
other software modules, creating initial deployment strategies, and assisting with recruiting and managing a team of back-end software developers. You will have significant control and input to ChargeNet’s back-end solution!

NeoCharge Logo - square

Director of Business Operations

NeoCharge is seeking an experienced Customer Support Specialist who cares about every customer’s experience and wants to be able to see the impact of your programs on customers. This person will be responsible for all aspects of planning, building, and running a high-performing team and collaborating cross-functionally to develop and implement a scalable internal customer support system.


Site Design Architect - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

ElectricFish is looking to bring on an architect (5-10 hours per week) to its permitting team, with experience working on renewable energy projects or with electrical design. You will play a valuable role in shaping the foundations of ElectricFish’s permitting process.

maxwell_text - Max Pfeiffer

EV Technician

Maxwell Vehicles is hiring a vehicle service technician who has worked as an automotive tech for a minimum of two years, with a focus on electric vehicles. In this position, you will work on converting gas and diesel vehicles to electric. You will be removing engines, performing suspension, brake and tire service as well as assembling and installing new components.


Customer Experience Associate

Envoy is seeking a Customer Service Representative with call center experience
to help Envoy users through any app challenges they may be facing. Candidates should
be hungry to learn new things, love dynamic and fast paced environments and want to
support our community members, but most importantly want to provide world class
customer service!


Mechanical Engineer Thermal Packaging Engineer

The Sr. Mechanical Engineer will be a member of the engineering team, and will work closely with product management, business stakeholders and engineering colleagues to develop critical product features.


Manufacturing Consultant

TBM Designs is seeking a manufacturing consultant with skills in the following areas: evaluating individual parts of the product and its specific production needs; knowledge of performance and criteria of different or alternative materials; alternative manufacturing processes; cost reduction; quality control; shipping methods; packing methods; coordination between suppliers/manufacturers; reduction of time for manufacturing; automation of the process; and, the ability to evaluate and manage costs as if they were out of one’s own pocket.


Computer Vision Intern

Automotus is currently looking for a computer vision intern, who will be a critical asset in building out several key components of their product. Given the size of the team and the fluid nature of technical roles in an early-stage organization, Automotus is most interested in someone with a strong foundation in Computer Vision and a keen interest in applying that knowledge towards making city streets safer,
more sustainable, and more equitable.


Software Engineer

Automotus is currently looking for their next software engineer, who will be a critical asset in building out several key components of their product. Given the size of the team and the fluid nature of technical roles in an early-stage organization, Automotus is most interested in technical generalists who are eager to get their hands dirty working on all parts of the back end of their stack.

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

At LACI, we are always looking to connect with smart, motivated people.
If you enjoy working in Marketing & Communications, IT, Events, Community Management, Operations, or projects within our Incubation program, Market Transformation, or Enhancing Community teams, please apply here.

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