Advanced Prototyping Center

Transforming ideas into tangible hardware solutions in a state-of-the-art engineering hub.

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator manages the

Award-winning La Kretz Innovation Campus, which features 30,000 square feet of office, hot desks, event space, and the Advanced Prototyping Center.

An Asset for the Cleantech Community

In addition to technology prototyping, the APC also provides a valuable hub for skills training. LACI offers a technical skills internship, through which interns gain hands-on experience with the lab’s cutting-edge machinery and systems. The APC also supports the LACI ecosystem by lending technical expertise to startup founders and educating participants in both the Green Jobs Workforce Development Program and the Middle School Girls in STEM Program.

The industry-leading services provided in the APC are made possible through the strength of the LACI/LADWP partnership, which enables the center to serve as a hub for creation, testing, and showcasing new solutions that support our communities and grow the green economy.