La Kretz Innovation Campus

We are proud to be stewards of this world-class facility.

Now’s the time, this is the place…

Inspired by the creative spirit of the people of L.A., LADWP’s La Kretz Innovation Campus is the front door for cleantech innovation in Los Angeles.

The Campus serves as the home for LACI, and we want to express our gratitude to the LADWP and the City of Los Angeles for choosing us to be stewards of this great facility. La Kretz Innovation Campus is a launching pad for LACI’s work in building an inclusive green economy, a hub for incubating startups, transforming markets through unprecedented programs like the Transportation Electrification Partnership, and enhancing community here on campus and all over LA.

A world stage for leaders to bring their support and affirm their commitment to innovation and climate action, the campus has been a gathering place for heads of state like former Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady of Germany Elke Büdenbender, President Pedro Sánchez of Spain, and countless others who are drawn to the creative energy here.

The campus is a unique, inclusive resource, a place where LACI startups get access to an astounding array of tools, space to learn and grow, and exposure to people and initiatives that are responsive to the evolving environmental social and economic needs of the planet.

The Advanced Prototyping Center (APC), is the ultimate creative space, a place to design, build, test and certify innovative products, all under one roof. Over $11M worth of tools, labs and shops include an electronics lab, biochemistry lab, cell lab, CNC machine, water jet, 3D printing, welding equipment, use of premium CAD software, laser cutters, a training center, and more. The APC Job Shop is a premium prototyping service with experts available to help create products from a napkin sketch or CAD drawing.

Transformative partnerships, exciting innovators working in a dynamic atmosphere in the heart of DTLA’s Arts District: La Kretz Innovation Campus is a focal point for the future of clean technology in Los Angeles, and we are proud to be stewards of this amazing facility.

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