Market Access Program

Scaling startups through transformative pilots, business development, and funding support.

Program Overview

LACI’s Market Access program is designed to help companies de-risk tech through pilot deployment, proof points, and market traction, and enable companies to scale operations, enter new markets, and create environmental, social and economic impact in Los Angeles. 

Admittance to LACI’s Market Access Program is conditional upon the submission of a pilot proposal focusing on Clean Energy, Zero Emission Mobility, and Circular Economy. LACI will prioritize proposals with the potential for job creation in Los Angeles as well as those that provide solutions toward the goals of  LA’s Green New Deal, Zero Emission Roadmap 2028, and OurCounty LA.

The Market Access Program is an 18 month pilot- and investor-focused program supported by a full menu of advanced incubation services aimed at cleantech startups that are ready for commercial growth through large scale pilots. Market access companies receive assistance in pilot deployment, network introductions to partners and investors, and opportunities for direct capital support.

Pilot Funding & Support

  • Funding $50,000-$150,000 for design and deployment of pilot project in Los Angeles
  • Support in pilot design, planning, and risk management
  • Development and tracking of milestones and KPIs that leverage growth and investment
  • Visibility and interface with local partners and state agencies

Investment Support​

  • Meetings with relevant investors via 1:1 introductions and roundtables
  • Nominations for pitch opportunities with investors
  • Strategic support from dedicated fundraising advisory team
  • Eligibility for LACI funding: LACI Impact Fund (avg. $250K) and LACI’s Debt Fund ($25K – $250K). Amounts will be limited to a maximum of $150K for the remainder of the 2022 calendar year. 

Business Development Services​

  • Dedicated advisory services with our Executives in Residence (EIRs)
  • Peer-to-Peer session with founders, EIR’s and LACI Alumni to share knowledge and workshop solutions
  • Support developing and measuring social, environmental and economic impact
  • Networking opportunities through events and access to the LACI ecosystem of public and private stakeholders
  • Support for diverse hiring through resources, workshops and access to trained technical talent from Green Jobs Fellowship Program
  • Public Relations support for amplifying key milestones

Perks Platform

Up to $160K in value add perks for subscriptions and memberships to industry resources such as: Pitchbook, Brex, E&E NewsFounderSuite, Wood Mackenzie Grid Edge Service /GreenTechMedia, Amazon Web Services, and Autodesk (via  APC membership)

Meet LACI’s Executives-In-Residence

Our Executives-In-Residence (EIRs) are mentors and accountability coaches for business founders in LACI Programs. EIRs lead collaborative meetings and work with startup founders to co-create roadmaps and milestones for success.


Entry to the Market Access Program Requires Submission of a Pilot Design Proposal. Participation in the Market Access Program requires a 0.5-1.5% equity stake in the form of a warrant.


  • Focus Area: Clean Energy, Zero-Emission Transportation, and Sustainable Cities/Circular Economies

  • Funding Stage: SEED & Series A+

  • Product Stage: Demonstrated in-market deployment of primary technology product

  • Location: Startup must have a presence in Los Angeles or plan to commence operations in the area in the next 6 months

  • Pilot Proposal: Design of market-ready pilot to be deployed in Los Angeles

Evaluation Criteria

  • Startup technology type, innovation, and credibility

  • Pilot design, implementation plan, and risk assessment 

  • Environmental and community impact of the solution

  • Potential for job creation in Los Angeles area

  • Potential to scale solution through LACI channels (i.e partnerships, customers, LA market generally)

  • Founder and team’s coachability, experience, and commitment

  • Startup’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Overall fit of startup and team within the LACI community

What Founders Say​

“LACI and the Market Access Program were transformational for Automotus — they helped us go from early stage pilots in 2 cities to meaningful revenue generating deployments in more than 10 cities nationwide. The LACI team introduced us to valuable customers, partners, investors, and employees that have been fundamental to our success. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.”

– Jordan Justus CEO, Automotus

LACI Founders In The News​

LACI programs are committed to building an inclusivity-focused community to take action on climate change. Have a look at the success of startups in our programs.

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LACI has been recognized as a top 10 business incubator worldwide by UBI for 6 years.

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