Zero Emissions Mobility and Community Pilot Project Fund

As part of the ongoing work of the Transportation Electrification Partnership, and LACI’s efforts to bring the benefits of the green economy to disadvantaged communities (DAC), LACI is calling for submissions for consideration to deploy zero emissions mobility solutions within low income communities in the City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles.

Thank you for your submissions, applications are now closed. We are now building out the project scope and we aim to launch pilot projects by fall 2019. Stay in touch

Why the Zero Emissions Mobility and Community Pilot Project Fund?

Zero emission mobility pilot projects and demonstrations will help bring the benefits of the green economy to neighborhoods who often lack the solutions required for emissions-free mobility, yet are burdened with poor air quality from various sources. The path to a zero emissions future includes addressing community needs as well as key technology, business model and educational challenges. Pilot projects will be deployed with and within selected disadvantaged communities. Lessons from these projects will be shared and used to inform new projects and policy recommendations.

Transportation Electrification Partnership

In California and greater Los Angeles, the transportation and goods movement sectors are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution. That’s why the Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP) was created to accelerate progress to a zero emissions future and cultivate an unprecedented collaboration with local government, key regulators, utilities, industry and others to reduce GHG emissions and improve regional air quality. The Zero Emissions Mobility and Community Pilot Project Fund is part of LACI’s Transportation Electrification Partnership and represents the on-the-ground, community impact of this important work.


LACI is excited to invite proposals from:

  1. Communities and neighborhoods in the County of Los Angeles region with a high propensity of top 5% and 10% of Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) for zero emission mobility pilots that meet community needs, reduce air pollution, and provide other co-benefits (such as workforce and economic development). Three communities will be selected with 1-2 communities selected within the City of Los Angeles.
  2. Technology providers including startup companies that have zero emission mobility solutions and can meet community needs. The solutions will be considered alongside the communities selected, and provide a ‘menu’ of options for consideration.

Criteria for Host/Partner Communities

To apply, communities will need to articulate the following:

  • Current challenges and ambitions relating to zero emissions mobility for the neighborhood;
  • Describe proposed areas and corridors within their community for deployment, including how the pilot(s) can address gaps or needs;
  • Targeted census tracts with 5% and 10% DAC neighborhoods;
  • Ability to partner with LACI to help ensure execution of a deployment/pilot within 12 months of application;
  • Agreement to work with LACI in sourcing technologies corresponding to their mobility challenges; and
  • Any sources of supplemental funding that are available to leverage the funds accessible from LACI

Target Technologies

LACI has already identified an interest in funding deployments of the following technologies:

  1. Real-time data reliability for enabling multi-modal travel
  2. Charging infrastructure for multi-unit dwellings
  3. Flexible urban street curb management and pricing
  4. Low cost, high visibility mobility hubs for first/last mile transportation
  5. Microcars and transit pods for use cases and customer segments where e-scooters and e-bikes aren’t ideal
  6. Zero emissions last mile urban goods delivery (e.g., e-cargo bikes and electric vans)
  7. Highly visible EV charging infrastructure (digital and physical) to build public awareness
  8. Other zero emission solutions that can meet the needs of communities while providing other co-benefits.
However, for this new opportunity, LACI is excited to evaluate proposals from technology providers so long as they fit within the scope of zero emissions mobility in disadvantaged communities.

Criteria for Startups and Companies

  • Priority will be given to companies that are a LACI portfolio company or participate in one of LACI’s other programs.
  • Technology must be able to be deployed no later than 1 year from date of submission
  • Technology will be designed to meet the needs of low income communities in the Los Angeles region
  • Results of deployment will be shared with host community and within LACI’s knowledge network, including, in some cases, LACI corporate partners
  • Commitment to engaging and educating communities along with taking input and feedback from selected community residents and partners.
  • The solution must not exceed $100,000 (hardware, software, permits, signage, etc.) per community, or be deployed at a lower cost  to allow for other solutions from other providers in the same community.


Funding is made possible by a grant to LACI from the California Workforce Development Board along with the Transportation Electrification Partnership. As part of this grant, LACI will be able to dedicate $300,000 or more for zero emission mobility pilots (hardware, software, permits, signage, etc.) in 2-3 selected communities in Los Angeles County. LACI may be able to secure additional funding and LACI’s corporate partners may, in some cases, be able to provide in-kind donations of goods or services.

About LACI

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