Roadmap Builds on Partnership’s Work over the Past 5 Years to Identify Key Initiatives to Reduce GHG Emissions and Air Pollution by Time of 2028 Olympics


Los Angeles, December 11, 2023 – Today, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator’s Transportation Electrification Partnership (Partnership) released Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap 3.0, a detailed report that sets bold new targets to reaffirm the Partnership’s commitment to achieve an additional 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by the time of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Roadmap sets a nation-leading school bus electrification target of 45% of school buses on LA County roads and 100% of all school bus sales to be electric by 2028. Given that 1 in 11 children in Los Angeles suffer from asthma, and that riding the school bus contributes 33% of a child’s daily exposure to certain air pollutants, this target aims to improve public health–particularly for those most at risk.

In addition to setting a bold new school bus electrification target, this version of the Roadmap:

  • Increases our public and workplace charging target from 84,000 to 129,000 to reflect new targets from our partner LADWP and growing demand as a result of state EV sales requirements;
  • Illustrates where the Partnership has made progress and where we need to accelerate action;
  • Highlights greater ambition and new commitments from some of our partners;
  • Identifies key strategic opportunities to enact the Roadmap’s guiding principles and achieve our bold targets; and
  • Details policy actions, convenings, research, pilots, and partnerships TEP will pursue in the next two years–which are critical years to set in motion the investments needed to bring our shared 2028 vision to reality.

The Roadmap builds on five years of collaboration by the unprecedented public-private Partnership, going further than ever before to drive progress in order to benefit the Los Angeles region by the time of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond.

“We are so proud of the momentum this Partnership has created, demonstrating political will for great ambition,” said LACI CEO Matt Petersen and Edison Energy CEO Drew Murphy, co-chairs of the Partnership. “While we celebrate the significant progress that has been made, we know we have much further to go to accelerate equitable climate action before the world arrives in the Los Angeles region for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. That is why we are going big with bold new targets to improve air quality and mobility for those most affected in our region. This Roadmap 3.0 builds on our successes and learnings to lay out a clear vision for how together we will take action through policies, pilots, and key infrastructure investments to hit these targets.”

Several prominent state and local leaders provided letters endorsing the TEP Roadmap, including the following excerpted statements:

“As Mayor of Los Angeles, I am proud of the work we are doing each and every day to ensure the equitable transformation of our city to a clean and just economy, ensuring that as we make our air healthier, we are also creating green job opportunities available to all Angelenos,” said Mayor Karen Bass. “The Transportation Electrification Partnership’s Roadmap 3.0 provides a set of goals and specific actions for the City, the Partnership, and all involved stakeholders to band together around in order to achieve our shared vision of welcoming the world in 2028 to the region.”

“At the state, local and regional level, TEP has advocated for policies that increase and accelerate the deployment of more environmentally-friendly transportation solutions,” said Liane Randolph, Chair of the California Air Resources Board. “TEP has convened a broad and diverse group in the region who have come together to offer the people power needed to push for action and to implement solutions on the ground. Thanks to their work, the Los Angeles and the greater Southern California region is implementing zero-emissions programs that put tools like electric shuttles, vehicles and bikes in low-income neighborhoods, so that no one is left behind in a clean air future.”

“We can and should move goods and people in ways that protect the health of our communities, reduce emissions, and create green jobs,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn, LA County Board of Supervisors (4th District). “The County of Los Angeles supports the work of the Transportation Electrification Partnership and the goals outlined in this Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap. The bold targets it sets are necessary to get us to a zero emissions future here in LA County and across the country. I look forward to working with LACI and know that together we will lay the groundwork for a future that serves the health and welfare of all those in our communities.”

“As California continues to feel the acute impacts of climate change, at the California Energy Commission (CEC) we understand the urgency for immediate action and the magnitude of the task at hand to transform the transportation landscape of our state. Thanks in part to TEP’s bold goals and leadership, we are well on our way,” said Patty Monahan, California Energy Commissioner. “I am proud to serve as an advisor to a Partnership that is a model for the kind of broad-based collaboration needed to bring about a change of this magnitude, making the critical infrastructure investments now that will benefit the LA region in the long term.”

The release of Roadmap 3.0 also marks the launch of an online dashboard to track LA’s progress towards the targets the Partnership has set.

The full Roadmap, complete with the Transportation Electrification Partnership’s recommendations, targets, and commitments can be found here.

About LACI:

Established in 2011 as an economic development initiative of the City of Los Angeles and LA Department of Water and Power (LADWP), LACI is creating an inclusive green economy by unlocking innovation through startup incubation, transforming markets through catalytic partnerships, pilots and policies, and enhancing communities through green job training. Solutions are focused on zero emissions transportation, clean energy, and sustainable cities. LACI’s startup incubation programs provide curriculum, coaching, pilot funding, access to venture and debt funds, additional resources for underrepresented founders, paid interns, and other resources to scale emerging cleantech companies.

About LACI’s Transportation Electrification Partnership:

LACI’s Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP) is an unprecedented multi-year public-private partnership of local, regional, and state stakeholders committed to accelerating transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement throughout the Los Angeles region in advance of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It does so by pursuing bold targets, pilots, initiatives, and policies that are equity-driven, create quality jobs, and grow the economy. Established by LACI in 2018, the Partnership released Roadmap 1.0 that same year organized around the principal goal of reducing GHGs and air pollution in Los Angeles County by an additional 25 percent beyond existing commitments set for 2028.


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