Creating an inclusive green economy for LA and beyond.

We nurture tomorrow’s climate entrepreneurs and support the deployment of new green technology in our communities.

Our impact

We're incubating successful startup companies and building new models
for innovation in policy, finance, and workforce.


portfolio companies

We're building a thriving ecosystem of successful cleantech startups led by diverse founders that innovate and achieve market successes, proven climate action and local economic impact.


funding raised

We are empowering access to capital for all founders.


in revenue

We are piloting business and policy model solutions to integrate startup technology, community need, scalability and equity.


workforce participants

We provide technical training, industry-recognized certifications, career coaching to help underrepresented groups succeed in the green economy.

Focus areas

Our holistic, three pillar model sets the conditions for sustainable economic growth that leaves no one behind.

We're Unlocking Innovation.

Each year we work with startup companies to raise outside funding and gain traction in the market.

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We're Transforming Markets.

We're transforming markets, working with industry and the public sector to accelerate system change on key initiatives across transportation, mobility energy and sustainable cities.

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We're Enhancing Communities.

We're enhancing communities, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the green economy — from green jobs, clean air or accessing new zero emissions mobility or energy solutions.

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In addition to supporting startups as they develop, deploy, and scale their clean technologies, we provide access to specialized funding opportunities.