Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap

Going Further, Faster, Together 

Mapping the Transportation Electrification Partnership with Three Roadmap Reports.

Over the past five years of the Transportation Electrification Partnership, we have published three Roadmap reports to set goals, align on targets, celebrate progress, and highlight challenges.

We set bold targets that were seen as crazy in 2018, yet they were key to demonstrating bold commitments to reduce our pollution in a region that is known for cars, dirty air, and being an entry point for 40% of the nation's goods. Since then, the Partnership has been a model for going further faster together. Given that Los Angeles is California and the country’s largest auto market, our targets serve as a glide path to achieving the state’s 100% EV sales goal by 2035 and President Biden’s 50% EV sales goal by 2030.

Drew Murphy, CEO, Trip and Matt Petersen, CEO, LACI