What is the Roadmap 2.0?

The Zero Emissions Roadmap 2.0 is an ambitious plan to accelerate the deployment of zero-emissions electric cars, buses and trucks across the LA region. Achieving the roadmap’s targets will result in cleaner air for Los Angeles residents and dramatically reduce the region’s transportation sector greenhouse gas emissions, going 25 percent beyond existing commitments tied to California state law and the Paris Climate Accord.

The Roadmap 2.0 outlines exactly how this vision can become a reality for the LA region, embodying a strong commitment from public and private members of the Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP).

What is in the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap 2.0?

In the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap 2.0, the Partnership:

  • Sets the most ambitious electric vehicle, zero emissions goods movement, & charging infrastructure targets in the nation to achieve the Partnership’s goal to reduce GHG emissions and air pollution by an additional 25 percent by 2028.

  • Commits to pursuing the policies, pilots, and other tools needed to achieve the 2028 targets—in the Roadmap 2.0, the Partnership identifies example policies and pilots they will explore and pursue in the coming year.

  • Reaffirms and commits to detailing plans to enact the Roadmap’s Guiding Principles.

  • Issues a three-pronged Call to Action to help mobilize the region and invite others to join with the Partnership to achieve the targets by 2028, including a bold new target for achieving mode shift (see below).

The Partnership’s Three-Pronged Call to Action for the L.A. Region

The Partnership commits to the following three-pronged call to action, and  invites others to join us:

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Where we are and where we need to go

Understanding the the Partnership’s 25% GHG & air pollution reduction goal:

“We have to work across city limits, state lines, and national borders to accelerate the progress we’ve made so far. We have to apply our talent, our resources, and our innovative spirit to essential efforts like the Transportation Electrification Partnership.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti

“The Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap 2.0 report doubles down on the bold steps we must take to accelerate clean air and climate action in Los Angeles and across the state.” 

Mary D. Nichols, 
Chair, California Air Resources Board

“The County of Los Angeles is proud to support the work of the Transportation Electrification Partnership and the goals outlined in this update of the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap. The bold yet achievable targets are critical to getting us to a zero emissions future not only in LA County but across the country.”

Supervisor Janice Hahn


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