Improve solar project economics with a terrain-agnostic mount driven by intelligent controls.

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Our mission is to make solar an increasingly cost competitive source of clean energy by reducing total system cost through more capable components. Solar single-axis-trackers are the most common method for installing large solar projects. However, a solar tracker project typically spends 10% of project budget and 15% of project schedule making the ground flat enough for installation. Moving this dirt also destroys the local environment. These direct and indirect costs limit the potential locations and investment value of solar power plants.

The Nevados tracker solution combines an intelligent control system and a terrain-following structure to eliminate the need for moving soil. Nevados Engineering’s solar single-axis-tracker enables ground-based installation on virtually any terrain, decreases installation costs, increases power generation, and makes solar power an increasingly economic and viable source of renewable energy.

Proof Points

  • Grant funding from U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative
  • Patent-pending hardware, software, and system architecture
  • Partnership with large private developer early adopter
  • Specified on 25 MWdc of solar projects for 2016


Yezin Taha

Yezin Taha

Co-Founder & CEO
Norman Xiao

Norman Xiao

Co-Founder & COO