Press Release – Mayor Garcetti Announces Zero Emissions Mobility Pilot Fund with LACI to Advance L.A.’s Green New Deal and Emissions Goals throughout the L.A. Region

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EV Scooter and Charging Pilots from LACI and LADWP Showcased at LKIC; TEP Marks One Year Anniversary with Announcement of New Partners Audi, Nissan and Proterra

Los Angeles, May 2, 2019. Fresh from his announcement for a Green New Deal for Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti joined the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) and the Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP) to showcase innovation in L.A. to help accomplish the ambitious goals he set out earlier this week.

Mayor Garcetti helped announce a new mobility pilot program for clean air, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and bringing the benefits of the green economy to disadvantaged communities. The Zero Emissions Mobility and Community Pilot Project Fund will dedicate at least $300,000 for proposed solutions—along with technical assistance from LACI and TEP partners—in three disadvantaged communities in the City and County of Los Angeles. Proposals from communities as well as mobility solution providers will be accepted starting today.

The Mayor also showcased zero emissions mobility pilot projects installed by LACI and LADWP at the La Kretz Innovation Campus which is a living lab for new technologies. LADWP proposed the idea and provided funding for these solutions, including EV scooters and charging solutions from LACI portfolio companies CLEVR (i.e., ‘scooter SUV’), FreeWire (i.e., mobile EV charging), MOEV (i.e., EV charging power control), Perch Mobility (i.e., scooter/e-bike charging logistics solution) along with TEP partner BMW (i.e., the first North American pilot of their BMW Motorrad X2City kick-scooter).

“We cannot wait another moment to fight the climate crisis with everything at our disposal—and that starts with lower emissions and more options on our roads and rail lines,” said Mayor Garcetti. “The Zero Emissions Mobility and Community Pilot Project Fund will help us meet the goals of L.A.’s Green New Deal by delivering creative solutions to cut pollution, spur innovation, and make good on our commitment to environmental justice in every community.”

“Piloting zero emissions mobility solutions that help meet the needs of disadvantaged communities while reducing air pollution and GHGs is key to meeting the targets in the TEP 2028 Roadmap,” said LACI CEO Matt Petersen. “Today, we are proud today to shine a light on some of the amazing LACI startup companies and partners who are helping the Mayor meet the goals in his updated Sustainable City pLAn.”

“CARB is proud to be a Transportation Electrification Partner with the City of Los Angeles: We need all hands on deck to turn the supertanker around,” said CARB Chair Mary D. Nichols. “The challenge we face is to transform the entire transportation sector, and to do it in a thoughtful way at an aggressive pace. This investment in innovative mobility options will provide significant benefits for communities of concern and important lessons to expand these and similar programs throughout the city, and the state.”

“Working together we can all make a difference in fighting air pollution and combating climate change. That’s why it’s important to engage our customers in the communities they live and drive in,” said David Wright, LADWP’s General Manager. “This program will help spur even more innovative ideas to get more people out of their gas-guzzling and polluting cars and into clean-air EVs.”

In addition, global innovators Nissan North America, Audi and Proterra were announced today as TEP’s newest members, representing an investment in L.A. as well as a commitment to zero emissions transportation. These companies join 20 other TEP partners, including Mayor Garcetti, CARB, SCE, DWP, Metro, County of L.A., BMW, PCS Energy, Itron and others.

The Zero Emissions Mobility and Community Pilot Project Fund will be deployed in disadvantaged communities throughout the City and County of Los Angeles in areas that need zero emission mobility solutions and reduced air pollution and co-benefits such as workforce and economic development. The Pilot Project Fund is supported by funds from TEP partners along with the State of California’s California Workforce Development Board (CWDB). Assemblymember Miguel Santiago and California Senate President pro Tempore Emeritus Kevin de León were key champions to help LACI secure the CWDB funding in 2018.

About the Transportation Electrification Partnership

The Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP), formed by LACI in May 2018, is an unprecedented multi-year partnership among local, regional, and state stakeholders to accelerate progress towards transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement in the Greater L.A. region in advance of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. TEP released the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap in September 2018 focusing on actions needed to achieve the shared goal of 25% additional reductions in GHGs and air pollution. The TEP Leadership Group includes the Mayor of L.A., County of Los Angeles, CARB, LADWP, SCE, Metro, and LACI.

About LACI

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), a private nonprofit organization, is creating an inclusive green economy by unlocking innovation (through working with startups to accelerate the commercialization of clean technologies), transforming markets (through partnerships in transportation, energy and sustainable cities) and enhancing communities (through workforce development, pilots and other programs). Founded as an economic development initiative by the City of Los Angeles and its Department of Water & Power (LADWP), LACI is recognized as one of the most innovative business incubators in the world by UBI. In the past seven years, LACI has helped 78 portfolio companies raise $221M in funding, $220M in revenue, create 1,750 jobs, and deliver more than $393M in long term economic value. Learn more at

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