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University Relations Manager

The University Relations Manager will be responsible for developing and executing a results-driven university relations strategy with universities and academic institutions in the LA region and beyond. Successful engagement will result in increased quality and quantity of startups from the LA academic ecosystem, increased technical expertise in LACI’s advisor network, additional benefits for startups in LACI’s programs, and greater overall ecosystem engagement.

Incubation Program Director

The Incubation Program Director is responsible for creating and managing program curriculum for all of LACI’s startup programs. LACI’s programming covers a continuum of support for startups and small businesses, in order to support our mission of creating an inclusive green economy. This position is responsible for delivering high-impact engagement programs and building the resources and services needed to support the programming and curriculum.

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If you enjoy working in Marketing & Communications, IT, Events, Community Management, Operations, or projects within our Incubation program, Market Transformation, or Enhancing Community teams, please apply here.