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Homeboy Industries’ Innovative New Business Venture Will Create Employment Opportunities for Formerly Gang-affiliated and Previously Incarcerated Men and Women

3 Minutes On a Park Bench with Chris Blevins – Pick My Solar – Patch.com

Patch partner Chris Blevins of SolarUP San Gabriel tells us how he first get involved in the renewable energy industry and recommends great books everyone should read.

Hive Lighting Unveils New WASP 100-C – The Poblographer

One of the key features the company is touting for the light is that it includes their Perfect S.H.O.T. control system. This system allows users to adjust the saturation, hue, output, and color temperature to create the exact lighting they want.

Green Commuter car-sharing brings $9-an-hour Nissan Leafs to Chattanooga – Times Free Press

CARTA selected Green Commuter, a Los Angeles-based startup business, to provide 20 Nissan Leafs to be parked at some 20 new charging stations at locations downtown, at Northgate and Hamilton Place malls and at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.