This self-driving mini-bus could help make traffic fatalities a thing of the past


By Steve Scauzillo, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Mike Swords of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator purposefully stepped in front of the self-driving mini-bus doing circles around an empty parking lot in the rain.

Quickly sensing the pedestrian, the on-board cameras relayed a signal to the autonomous vehicle’s computer, which told its brakes to engage. The bus stopped immediately and no one was injured.

“We haven’t seen any dead bodies out here so far,” joked an engineer with EasyMile, the maker of the 12-passenger autonomous vehicle making a stop in Los Angeles on Monday as part of a multi-city promotional tour.

About 60 business folks, city officials, urban planners and entrepreneurs met at the LACI innovation campus to take a test ride and tackle how to break down barriers preventing autonomous vehicles from entering the real world, from a public skeptical over safety to onerous regulations from government bureaucracies.

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