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Paul Jennings is a serial entrepreneur starting his first business early in life.

This journey includes vocational training which led to a job in California in aerospace at Lockheed’s famed “Skunk Works” on its F117A’s development team. Attending several of California’s public higher education institutions provided access to being at ground zero in the early days of telecommunication deregulations. His business, known at the time as Public Communication Services, became an innovator and a leader in provision calls to correction facilities.

A diverse turn after the Northridge earthquake led to an opportunity to capitalize on rebuilding the severely damaged buildings and created a manageable process that ultimately led to rebuilding over 4,000 units. In this process, Jennings Holdings created a portfolio of companies to build, manage, own, and develop real estate asset in multiple sectors.

In more recent years, Paul’s activities include developing real estate assets throughout the western United States, founding of a Los Angeles centric renewable energy company, known as PCS Energy. The company has installed over 20,000 EV chargers in over 1,000 apartment locations to become a leading provider. Jennings Holdings is active in funding strategic renewable startup companies.

Paul’s most important accomplishment includes being long time board member of Park Century School and CSUN, as well as involvement in other education initiatives.

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