Executive in Residence (EIR)

A Naval Academy graduate and retired nuclear submarine officer, Bob has led several successful startup and turnaround ventures as CEO.  Bob has led firms with operations as varied as nuclear decontamination, factory automation equipment, object-oriented software development, thin film PV manufacturing equipment, and components for solar-thermal power generation.  His solid background in engineering (nuclear, control systems, thermo and fluid flow, and energy) is complemented with many years in marketing and sales management of engineered products and services.  As principal of his consultancy, Mobius Energy LLC, Bob consults with a variety of startup companies in business planning, sales and raising capital investment, and he is an active member of the Pasadena Angels.  Until November 2020, Bob was a full-time staff member at LACI, but continues as EIR in a contract status, coaching LACI startups and reviewing applications of prospective portfolio companies.  As of June 2022 Bob is a primary advisor to Seatrec, an alumnus startup of LACI which has developed power generation for subsea sensor devices using ocean water temperature differential, and Planet A Energy, involved in solar thermal energy collection and storage.

LinkedIn Resume  LACI EIR since 2014.

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