Executive in Residence (EIR)

Alison is a passionate self-starter who loves working with startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs to design and implement automated logistics “funnels” to simplify operational processes, with a specialty in sustainable systems consulting. With a specific focus on developing mission driven, for-profit social enterprises and operating from a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits.

At “Augur”, Alison provides business design and strategy work via her LA based studio, advising and collaborating with clients on operations, ecosystems, and design as they adapt to face the new modern realities and challenges of building and scaling profitable, empowering businesses where they put people first.

When she’s not helping world-class companies, you’ll find her traveling the world, utilizing her art degree to create beautiful works of art and play, showing up for her active yoga and pilates practice, or bird watching while on nature hikes.

LinkedIn Resume, LACI EIR since May 2022

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