If you’re a startup with a strategic focus on transportation & mobility, clean energy, and smart, sustainable cities, and you’re looking to bring your game-changing innovation to the marketplace, we can help.

Our integrated approach, expertise and experience have propelled us to a top ten rank in the world according to UBI Global, and LACI is committed to taking action on climate change and creating a cleantech community that integrates women, people of color and the underserved – we strongly encourage applications from underrepresented groups to help us build an inclusive green economy.

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Dave Lutian

Ground-mounted photovoltaic solar array that minimizes project costs and timelines by leveraging economies of scale and maximizing manufacturing value stream efficiency.


Terry Jester

Developed a best in class Energy Management system, energy inverter, and storage system which installs easily behind virtually any PV panel.


Lisa Yancey

Lynnette Kaid

A robust microalgae platform for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids and their novel derivatives at commercial scale.

Substance Power & Mobility

Mario Garcia

Michael Palmer

A Multimodal Approach to Energy Storage

TBM Designs

Karen Sabath

Doris Sung

Using no energy to save energy, InVertª Self-Shading Windows incorporate smart materials to automatically block solar heat from entering the building, reduce air conditioning energy use and increase human wellness.


Andrew Powch

Michael Lim

Bridging today’s traffic signals to tomorrow’s connected and autonomous future.

Nikhil Bharadwaj

Zander Isaacson

The first EV charging management platform that’s engineered to generate the highest return on investment for workplaces and apartments.

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