If you’re a startup with a strategic focus on transportation & mobility, clean energy, and smart, sustainable cities, and you’re looking to bring your game-changing innovation to the marketplace, we can help.

Our integrated approach, expertise and experience have propelled us to a top ten rank in the world according to UBI Global, and LACI is committed to taking action on climate change and creating a cleantech community that integrates women, people of color and the underserved – we strongly encourage applications from underrepresented groups to help us build an inclusive green economy.

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Homeboy Electronics Recycling

Kabira Stokes

A certified and award-winning social enterprise offering nationwide service for the proper disposal and management of your IT assets.

Jump Watts

Arun Gunasekaran

Bryan Ovalle

Mobile charging solutions for micro-mobility and electric vehicles.

Lilypad Energy

Henry Meyer

Software connecting DER to Utility Data and Grid-Services Markets

Luminescent Energy

Megan Phelan

David Needell

Power producing windows for commercial office spaces, saving up to $10,000 per year every year.

Rajit Gadh

Michael Boehm

Develops smart solutions for managing electric vehicle energy usage within microgrids.

Nature Coatings

Jane Palmer

Transforms wood waste into high performing, non-toxic pigments for textiles, printing, architectural coatings and more.


Spencer Harrison

Akhil Veluru

Fast, smart, and affordable home electric vehicle charging access to homeowners, renters, and disadvantaged communities.

Nevados Engineering

Yezin Taha

Make solar a cost-competitive source of clean energy in every way possible.


Enrico Iversen

Nature-inspired material handling grippers for robotic applications.

Open Source Strategies

Si Chen

Leveraging open source software to open up financing for clean energy.

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