ISSUE DATE: 9/10/18

DUE DATE: 9/21/18 (by 10:00 A.M.)


LACI is a non-profit organization funded by the CRA/LA and the LADWP for the City of Los Angeles. In partnership with the city’s exceptional educational and research organizations – UCLA, USC, Caltech and Jet Propulsion Laboratory – LACI helps accelerate the commercialization of their clean technologies in addition to accelerating new products developed by independent entrepreneurs. LACI is a result of the Clean Tech Los Angeles (CTLA) alliance among the Mayor’s office, the City’s universities, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, the Los Angeles Business Council, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, LADWP and the CRA/LA. Los Angeles has launched its cleantech business incubator to accelerate development of cleantech startups by offering flexible office space, CEO coaching and mentoring, and access to a growing network of experts and capital to accepted portfolio companies. LACI is the business equivalent of baseball’s farm system: it identifies local talent, nurtures it, and helps it get to market, resulting in more jobs and a bigger green economy in Los Angeles.

LACI surveyed its portfolio companies and led active discussions on how LACI could best add more value to the companies and accelerate their growth. The most frequently referenced need from the portfolio companies was support services as it related to creative design and brand management, basic business functions such as legal, accounting, human resources (HR), information technology (IT), and targeted recruitment of mentors and advisors to fill specific needs for the companies as they tackle industry specific challenges.

In order to address these needs and accelerate growth, LACI has decided to implement a Shared Services model for these items to support both LACI and the portfolio companies. Shared services is the provision of a service by one part of an organization or group, where that service had previously been found, in more than one part of the organization or group. Due to the non-profit nature of LACI, it is imperative that we seek out and receive mission-aligned professional services at the lowest rate possible.


It is the intent of LACI to solicit quotes/proposals from Respondents that have expertise in the provision of professional services that they are able to provide at the direction of LACI including:

  • – accounting
  • – human resources
  • – information technology
  • – creative/brand/marketing support
  • – earned media/public relations support
  • – mentor & advisor recruitment support
  • – investment support


Respondents are required to provide the following information in a proposal/quote, at their sole cost and expense:

  1. Letter of interest that contains the name, address and telephone number of the firm or contractor submitting letters of interest and resumes, including the name of the key contact person.
  2. The number of years of experience the respondent has in the professional service area must be included in either the resume or separately.
  3. Any judgments within the last three (3) years in which Respondent has been adjudicated liable for professional malpractice with explanations as applicable.
  4. Confirmation of appropriate federal and state licenses to perform activities as applicable.
  5. An executed copy of Respondent’s proposed rates for this contract.
  6. Describe the services that Respondent would perform directly.


For all quotations/proposals, the lowest price estimate shall serve as the primary criteria for selection. Other areas that will be considered in making a determination will be:

  • – Experience with technology startups, with an emphasis on cleantech and sustainability related business models.
  • – Experience with non-profit organizations, with an emphasis on economic development, workforce development, or small business.
  • – Experience providing professional services in a shared service model or client based model.
  • – Experience with providing training, professional development and other relevant education for professionals.
  • – LACI is committed to building a more inclusive ecosystem in the cleantech sector, qualified Respondents/Business Owners who are members of underrepresented groups such as women or people of color are strongly encouraged to submit quotes. Please indicate in your submission if you are a minority or women owned business.

Please submit all quotes to Shannon Wright via email