Stockholm, Sweden – (December 15, 2015) The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) was ranked #3 on the list of World Top University Associated Business Incubators for 2015, announced today by UBI Global.

This is the second consecutive year LACI has received an honor from UBI’s world-renowned rankings, as the 4-year old incubator was recognized as the #6 Incubator globally by UBI in 2014. LACI has proven a successful incubation and commercialization model and established itself as a global leader among cleantech incubators, helping over 40 companies, who have raised $60 million and have created more than 700 jobs.

“Our #3 ranking 2015 by the UBI Index is especially gratifying given that we were #6 in 2014, signifying that our hard work and methods continue to improve,” said LACI CEO Fred Walti. “Moreover, we’re equally proud of being awarded the High Impact Incubator of North America award, showing that our focus on delivering results is receiving recognition as well. Finally, I’m proud that we have achieved these awards for more than our work in cleantech, but across all categories of business incubators.”

UBI Global provides their rankings and benchmarks of University Business Incubators and University Business Accelerators through a proper representation of worldwide incubation programs. This year the final participants were selected by assessing 1200 incubators after which over 340 from 64 countries were retained for the benchmark.

“The importance of discovering and identifying these top performing incubators is underlined by our studies, which show that top benchmarked incubators provide almost half of the total economic impact within the incubation market” says UBI Global CEO and Co-founder, Ali Amin. “Highlighting some of their best practices will help universities, governments, incubation agencies and corporations to improve the incubators they support.”

Incubation is widely recognized as being one of the most effective tools for economic development. As incubation and acceleration options grow, it’s more important than ever for companies to understand the value they get from incubators.

UBI Global’s rankings are based on a broad range of performance indicators, which are measured using a unique research framework, all against an established and trusted methodology well developed by researchers, practitioners and industry experts (see for details.)