LACI is accelerating cleantech innovators through their Incubation startup program.

This year we’re recruiting the next big cleantech startup stars like SparkCharge, ReWilder Goods, and ElectricFishAre you next? Applications for our Incubation program will open again mid-spring, 2024. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the application opens!

Program Overview

LACI helps startups develop their technologies, secure funding and financing, access customers and markets, test and pilot their solutions, and unlock their full potential. Our startups go further, faster, together with LACI! Our next Incubation Cohort will accept and fund 15-20 companies that best fit the program criteria, our mission, and the needs of the communities we serve.

Companies selected for our Incubation Program will join a powerful and deeply connected community of diverse LACI founders and alumni who are making an impact. 

More than 340 founders have been supported with hands on mentorship, business tools, and valuable introductions to investors, to help their startups power up and successfully seed! Your dedicated LACI Cohort team will support and empower you on your journey to raise capital, develop partnerships, acquire customers, develop, test, fund and launch your pilot, and gain valuable media exposure.

Are you an ambitious cleantech startup, hungry to create solutions in clean energy, zero emissions transportation, or smart and sustainable cities that would benefit from hands-on support through market access, business services, and introductions to funders? Then our two-year, Incubation program is right for you!

Or maybe you would benefit from for our one-year Innovators Program which offers a lighter-touch, high-impact concierge style ecosystem access opportunity.


  • A 45-hour advanced curriculum based on LACI’s decade-plus experience across hundreds of cleantech startups. Study impact-focused business roadmapping, building your team with inclusivity, customer acquisition, and creating a strong legal foundation for business growth and investment readiness.


  • One-hour weekly advisory with a dedicated Executive in Residence, who provides coaching, accountability, and mentorship to define business milestones.


  • Up to $500,000 in equity funding and debt financing through LACI’s Impact Fund and Debt Fund.
  • Investment-preparation advisory services from LACI Investments Team, including our Senior Director of Investment Relations who has helped startups raise over half a billion in funding from investors like Energy Impact Partners, Mark Cuban Companies, Blackrock, Trucks VC and others.


  • Access to $160,000 worth of perks & platforms to support fundraising efforts (e.g. Pitchbook), grant solicitations, news publications, and product development tools (e.g. SolidWorks, Autodesk).


  • Present at annual Power Day pitch and showcase event in front of 200+ attendees and 100+ angel, venture capital, corporate strategic, and family office investors in addition to corporate, public utilities, and various government agencies.


  • Opportunities to meet relevant investors and partners through events like monthly LACInvestor Talks.

  • 25% to 50% discounts on desk space or private office memberships at the La Kretz Innovation Campus and Advanced Prototyping Center in Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Free hot desk membership and 25% to 50% discounts on private office memberships at the La Kretz Innovation Campus and Advanced Prototyping Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

Meet LACI’s Executives-In-Residence

Our Executives-In-Residence (EIRs) are mentors and accountability coaches for business founders in LACI Programs. EIRs lead collaborative meetings and work with startup founders to co-create roadmaps and milestones for success.


 Incubation Requirements

  • Have a cleantech solution that addresses Clean Energy, Zero Emissions Transportation, or Circular Economy with a focus on Smart & Sustainable Cities. 

  • Have a significant operations or sales presence in Southern California with founder or key executive able to attend meetings, workshops, and events on campus periodically at least four times in the first six months.

  • Commit to all curriculum and mentorship opportunities during the first six months, approximately three to five hour weekly commitment.

  • Preferably have two full-time employees and a strategy to grow the team in Southern California.

  • Own or hold license to a novel proprietary technology.

  • Have a working prototype (TRL 4+).

  • Need funding assistance for pilot execution, beyond sole purchase of technology or product.

  • Agree to a 1.5-3% equity stake in the form of a warrant with the opportunity to earn back through achieving impact milestones.

 Evaluations Are Based On

  • Technology type, innovation, and credibility.

  • Investability of a startup based on their market, business model, technology, and competitive advantage.

  • Environmental and community impact of the solution.

  • Potential for the startup to grow their team, operations, and sales in Los Angeles.

  • Founder and team coachability, experience, and commitment.

  • Startup commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Overall fit of startup and team within the LACI community.

LACI Founders In The News

LACI programs are committed to building an inclusivity-focused community to take action on climate change. Have a look at the success of startups in our programs.

“Working with LACI helped us double revenues year over year; raise substantial capital from both early stage investors and leading strategic partners; and forge relationships with strategic utility partners including Con Edison, SDG&E, and Edison (SCE).

Max Aram 
Co-Founder & CEO

“LACI has been a great partner and advocate of ChargerHelp! since our formation in January of 2020. As an FBA alumnus and current Portfolio company ChargerHelp! has been given access to multiple connections and resources that have led to our quick growth in 10 months

Kameale Terry
Founder & CEO

“Securing investor funding for female-led companies, especially in cleantech, is difficult, but LACI assisted Repurpose in successfully pitching the Pasadena Angels to invest over $1 million in Repurpose early on.”

Lauren Gropper
Co-Founder & CEO

Is Your Startup Technology Ready to Pilot?

Perhaps LACI’s Market Access program is a better fit! Designed to help companies de-risk tech through pilot deployment, proof points, market traction, and enable companies to scale operations, enter new markets, and create environmental, social and economic impact in Los Angeles – the Market Access Program is an 18 month pilot- and investor-focused program supported by a full menu of advanced incubation services aimed at cleantech startups that are ready for commercial growth through large scale pilots.

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LACI has been recognized as a top 10 business incubator worldwide by UBI for 6 years. 

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Don’t miss this opportunity! Applications for our Incubation Program just opened and will close on December 20, 2023. If you’re unsure about your eligibility or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Pipeline Team at

If our Innovators and Incubation programs are not a fit for your startup, please visit our Programs page to learn more about other LACI opportunities to accelerate your clean technology business and make an impact!

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