EV Funding for All

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Let your representative in Congress know you support funding for President Biden’s EV and EV charging proposal & ensure we leave no community behind. Watch our ad from LACI and the Transportation Electrification Partnership below:

– EV incentives for cars and trucks, and support for manufacturing
– Charging stations and utility upgrades
– Zero emissions transit and safe streets for walking and biking
– Workforce development and job training
– Innovation from startups and support for underrepresented founders 

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President Biden’s American Jobs Plan calls for $174 billion in funding for EV incentives and EV charging. Starting in April 2020, a growing national coalition of cleantech companies and organizations representing business, labor, and startup innovation has joined the call for the Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP)‘s $150 billion federal stimulus proposal, urging Congress to make unprecedented investments in the nation’s transportation infrastructure in direct response to the economic and health crisis caused by harmful pollution that disproportionately impacts communities of color.

Cleantech leaders at more than 105 organizations in 18 states and D.C. have signed on in support of the $150 billion proposal​

Spearheaded by TEP and the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), the national coalition currently represents leaders from 18 states and Washington, D.C. calling for zero emissions vehicle manufacturing and innovation, infrastructure deployment, public and active transit, job training, high-quality workforce standards, and support for related startups and small business, prioritizing those started by underrepresented founders.

About TEP

The Transportation Electrification Partnership is an unprecedented regional public-private collaboration to accelerate deep reductions in climate and air pollution by the time of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games by pursuing bold targets, pilots, initiatives, and policies that are equity-driven, create quality jobs, and grow the economy.

The Partnership was established by LACI in May 2018 following conversations between several individuals who now comprise some of the Leadership Group members. The Leadership Group is the governing body of the Partnership with the top principals representing each organization, and includes the key entities needed to accelerate zero emissions mobility and goods movement by the time of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the Greater Los Angeles region.

The Leadership Group is complemented by a growing and influential Advisory Group, comprised of representatives key to achieving the Partnership goal and targets, including: leading automakers, industry organizations, public sector agencies, startup companies and labor organizations.

Watch our 2020 TEP Summit here

About LACI

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), a City of Los Angeles-established nonprofit organization, is creating an inclusive green economy by unlocking innovation through working with startups to accelerate the commercialization of clean technologies; transforming markets through partnerships with policymakers, innovators and market leaders in transportation, energy and sustainable cities; and enhancing communities through workforce development, pilots and other programs. Founded as an economic development initiative by the City of Los Angeles and its Department of Water & Power (LADWP), LACI is recognized as one of the most innovative business incubators in the world by UBI. LACI has helped 281 companies raise $618M in funding, create an estimated 2,300 jobs, and deliver more than $520M in long-term economic value.

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