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L.A. City Council Passes Resolution To Support Transportation Electrification Partnership’s Federal Stimulus Plan

Proposal Lays Out National Infrastructure Plan To Electrify Transportation and Spur Job Creation

LOS ANGELES, CA  – A resolution introduced to the Los Angeles City Council by Councilmember Paul Koretz (D-District 5) passed on Wednesday, officially voicing support for the Transportation Electrification Partnership’s (TEP) federal stimulus proposal to create jobs, reduce air pollution, and build a resilient transportation infrastructure as cities reopen and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis across the U.S.

The proposal has been gaining momentum as a growing coalition of businesses and organizations representing 15 states this week sent a letter to Congress pointing to new job creation estimates amounting to 2.3 million U.S. jobs that could result from targeted investments in transportation electrification. The House Select Committee on Climate Crisis also unveiled an ambitious climate and clean energy proposal on Tuesday which reflects many of the coalition’s priorities as laid out in the original proposal sent in the Spring.

The resolution passed by the City Council on Wednesday was seconded by Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell (D-District 13).

“This proposal was put together by private- and public-sector leaders across Los Angeles and beyond with the scale required to seriously tackle the health and economic crisis we are facing,” said Matt Petersen, Chair of TEP and President and CEO of Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). “The livelihoods of millions of Americans have been turned upside down, making it critical we create a truly inclusive green economy. I’m grateful the City Council sees that TEP’s plan achieves these goals, with social equity and environmental justice at its core.”

“LA has already proven that building infrastructure to electrify transportation creates economic and workforce opportunities for all Angelenos,” said Councilmember Koretz. “As people across the country work to climb out of the COVID recession, our leaders in Congress must provide a lift by adopting these visionary ideas proposed by a trailblazing group of businesses and government leaders.”

The TEP federal stimulus proposal sets out four important initiatives: zero-emissions vehicle manufacturing, assembly and adoption; zero-emissions infrastructure investments; commitments to public transit investments; and workforce development and job training–including pre-apprenticeship programs and state-approved joint labor-management apprenticeship programs, and support for startups and innovation, with priority given to those created by underrepresented founders.

Adopting this proposal will result in: significant local investment in well-paying jobs and the adoption and spread of vital clean technologies; help with the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions; and generate revenues for vital government services.

TEP is an unprecedented partnership among local, regional, and state stakeholders — including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, L.A. Department of Water and Power, and others — convened by LACI to accelerate transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement in the Greater L.A. region in advance of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The stimulus proposal sent to Congress this Spring includes a sweeping $150 billion infrastructure package that centers on the broad electrification of transportation and industry with a principal focus on job creation.

Learn more about the TEP’s federal stimulus proposal at  

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Anthony Reyes, LACI 

National Coalition Pushes $150 Billion Federal Stimulus Proposal That Could Create 2.3 Million U.S. Jobs

Businesses and Organizations Representing 14 States Urge Congressional Leadership to Restart Economy Through Investments in Transportation Electrification

LOS ANGELES, CA – A growing national coalition of cleantech companies and organizations representing business, labor, and startup innovation has joined the call for the Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP)‘s $150 billion federal stimulus proposal, urging Congress to make unprecedented investments in the nation’s transportation infrastructure in direct response to the economic and health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Spearheaded by TEP & the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), the national coalition currently represents leaders from 14 states and DC calling for zero emissions vehicle manufacturing and innovation, infrastructure deployment, public and active transit, job training, high-quality workforce standards, and support for related startups and small business, prioritizing those started by underrepresented founders.

With the U.S. House of Representatives set to vote on stimulus measures this week, the national coalition sent a letter on Monday to promote new findings showing that TEP’s proposal could create up to 2.3 million jobs across the U.S.. The research from economic advisory firm HR&A estimates that the proposed $150 billion in stimulus investment would boost employment in all sectors, with 1.4 million jobs expected to build out our nation’s zero emissions transportation infrastructure alone.

“Distributed proportionally across the US in targeted communities, this type of investment is critical to providing immediate economic stimulus and job creation, as well as to creating a foundation for future economic development while creating more resilient communities,” the letter says. 

“This growing national coalition understands that tackling the health and economic crisis requires bold action that reimagines our economy and restores the livelihoods of millions of Americans,” said Matt Petersen, chair of TEP and President and CEO of LACI. “The $150 billion proposal can clean our air, unleash our nation’s diverse startup entrepreneurs, put over 2 million Americans to work in high-quality jobs, and help the U.S. lead the world in clean energy and mobility manufacturing.” 

LACI convenes TEP, which is an unprecedented regional collaboration to accelerate transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement when the world arrives in Southern California for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games (see TEP Roadmap 2.0).

The national coalition’s letter reinforces TEP’s April 27th proposal which focuses on national job creation, startup innovation, clean air, and high-quality job standards and safety certification. The TEP federal stimulus proposal calls for:

  • $25 billion investment in the assembly and adoption of electric and zero emissions vehicles along with supply chain development (e.g., producing domestic lithium for batteries, etc.);
  • $85 billion for EV charging and related infrastructure investment;
  • $25 billion for zero emissions public transit, active transit and safe streets;
  • $12.5 billion for workforce development, safety standards and job training; and
  • $2.5 billion in innovation ecosystems for cleantech startups and related small businesses, prioritizing those created by underrepresented founders.

Read the full national coalition letter to Congressional leaders and the job creation estimates on Medium

Full original proposal can be found here.

About LACI

LACI is creating an inclusive green economy by: unlocking innovation through working with startups to accelerate the commercialization of clean technologies, transforming markets through partnerships with policymakers, innovators and market leaders in transportation, energy and sustainable cities; and enhancing communities through workforce development, pilots and other programs. Founded as an economic development initiative by the City of Los Angeles and its Department of Water & Power (LADWP), LACI is recognized as one of the most innovative business incubators in the world by UBI. Learn more at

About TEP

The Transportation Electrification Partnership (the Partnership) is an unprecedented multi-year partnership among local, regional, and state stakeholders to accelerate transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement in the Greater Los Angeles region (LA) in advance of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The TEP Leadership Group includes Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, Southern California Edison, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, County of Los Angeles, California Air Resources Board, LA Metro; the TEP Advisory Group includes BMW Group, Itron, PCS Energy, Engie Impact, Audi of America, Nissan Group of North America, Proterra, BYD Motors, IBEW 11/NECA, and many others. 


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