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THE INCUBATOR Series Featured on Mashable

In an era when it’s more of a necessity than an option to have a sustainable approach to the way we live, THE INCUBATOR, a series of short films, explores some of the coolest start-up companies that will literally change the landscape of our future. Framed by one of the most robust and interesting incubators in the country, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator’s (LACI) goal is to guide and nurture the best and the brightest entrepreneurs and inventors in the cleantech space.

The series explores six of the companies in LACI’s portfolio, such as Local Roots:


THE INCUBATOR was created and executive produced by Peter Glatzer, co-founder along with Adrian Grenier of SHFT, a media partner of LACI. The series was directed by Raul Gasteazoro and produced by Casey Unterman and Doug Patterson. It was made in partnership and distributed by the digital media and entertainment company, Mashable.

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