LACI invests in promising cleantech companies by committing time, advice and connections that help them succeed.   More than simple incubation or space, we offer high-impact programs customized to each company’s specific needs.


The companies in LACI’s portfolio represent some of the most promising clean technologies and teams in the region, nation and world.

Carefully selected through a formal vetting process, these companies are infused with the time, expertise, and access of the LACI and Cleantech LA networks.  Meet the Portfolio Companies, or learn more about applying.


Member companies represent that same level of excellence we seek in our Portfolio, yet are beyond the incubation stage.  These companies have strategic needs to meet in the Los Angeles region.  LACI helps them meet their objectives efficiently, ranging from business development with key stakeholders to demonstration projects in the region.

Landing Pad

The Landing Pad program offers a simple and affordable means for exceptional international companies to enter the Los Angeles cleantech market.  A three-month intensive “boot camp,” the program provides dedicated office space in the heart of the Cleantech Corridor, guidance on how to establish a US presence, help understanding how to do business with local and state governments, assistance in analyzing the market and customer base, and introductions to potential investors and / or customers.