If you’re a startup with a strategic focus on transportation & mobility, clean energy, and smart, sustainable cities, and you’re looking to bring your game-changing innovation to the marketplace, we can help.

Our integrated approach, expertise and experience have propelled us to a top ten rank in the world according to UBI Global, and LACI is committed to taking action on climate change and creating a cleantech community that integrates women, people of color and the underserved – we strongly encourage applications from underrepresented groups to help us build an inclusive green economy.

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Bryan Kaye

Jesse Crossno

Optimizing heavy resource consuming industries with smart control systems that use physics based modeling to reduce energy use and costs up to 40%, all without updating hardware.

Divining Lab

Peter Arnold

Hadley Arnold

Data-driven decision support tools for water-smart planning and design in drylands.

Eli Electric Vehicles

Marcus Li

Sabrina Yuan

Simple yet advanced, Eli ZERO is the next generation of personal vehicles.


Aric Ohana

Ori Sagie

On Demand Electric Vehicles Parked Where You Live, Work and Stay

Fit Scrubs

Arthur Lucero

High performance medical uniforms made with proprietary silver embedded fabrics that kill bacteria.

FreeWire Technologies

Arcady Sosinov

FreeWire delivers clean, quiet mobile power and ultrafast EV charging that’s easy to deploy, without the added costs of construction or infrastructure upgrades.

Green Commuter

Gustavo Occhiuzzo

Disrupting commuting and mobility by offering a synergistic model of all electric vanpooling, car sharing and fleet replacement services.

Green Light Labs

Sam Saxena

B2B2C marketing platform that personalizes the car shopping journey like never before. Improve EV education, increase consumer engagement and achieve better marketing effectiveness.

Hive Lighting

Robert Rutherford

Jon Miller

Manufactures high performance, energy efficient Plasma and LED lights for entertainment, architecture, sports and science.

Hollywood Electrics

Harlan Flagg

The world’s largest electric motorcycle retailer.

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