About Us:

Avisare is a platform powering the small business economy.  We are committed to creating a B2B ecosystem where everyone from the solopreneur to the 100-person company can grow their business. We are looking for confident, dynamic and diligent interns to join our team, and we offer exciting and challenging internships to outstanding students. 

Avisare values all of our interns and go the extra mile to make sure you receive a learning experience that fits your career goals. You will gain experience in several aspects of business operations. You will also learn how to work in a professional environment and have ample opportunity to network with department leaders and other professionals.

What We Need:

A Project Manager/User Experience internship is designed to provide students with practical knowledge of managing a project from start to finish working with developers, customer care associates, management and others as needed at Avisare. Everything we do is centered around having the best user experience for all of our users so the project manager is the owner of the project ensuring that all projects/products have an excellent user experience.

A Project Manager/User Experience internship is generally offered to students pursuing studies in operations, computer science, web design or other related fields.  Excellent customer service skills are essential for every role at Avisare. 

Your Responsibilities:

  • Create/manage wireframes for all new features/functionality ensuring a smooth user experience
  • Ensure the successful execution of the vision for each new feature/functionality/project
  • Work with developers on technical diagrams and workflows
  • Research special projects on an as needed basis regarding our users
  • Maintain focus groups to test the user experience prior to implementation of any new features
  • Ensure projects stay on time and on budget
  • Work with marketing to plan launch strategy for new features/projects
  • Work with customer care teams to ensure proper training and support for new features/projects
  • Keep management abreast of progress for all new features/projects
  • Create and maintain lists of potential new features/projects 

Your Qualifications:

  • Be very friendly and enjoy interacting with people
  • Attention to detail
  • Take direction well and be self starters
  • Quickly learn project management and user experience design tools i.e. Balsamiq, Invision
  • Interact with clients via telephone, email, chat and in person at events (on occasion.)
  • Assure client focus, confidentiality, and privacy before, during and after every project
  • Be willing to go above and beyond
  • Be good at managing multiple tasks for projects
  • Be dependable with strong work ethics
  • Have strong communication skills, both written and oral
  • Be customer service-oriented and learn techniques to best serve clients

Your Benefits:

  • Avisare’s interns work without pay but receive course credit for their work in the field. This enables them to gain valuable practical experience in a real work setting.
  • A well-rounded opportunity for interns to work on projects within their assigned department
  • Participation in a variety of experiences and events, such as guest lectures, skills workshops presentations, job-shadowing, and weekly group meetings
  • A curriculum that aligns with our employee development approach – the 4 E’s: experience, exposure, education and empathy
  • Two full-days of orientation and training designed to provide intern with a successful internship experience
  • We are willing to train the right candidates on how to manage projects with a focus on user experience design.

To apply, please address materials to Star Carrigan at star@avisare.com

Avisare is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran’s status, or any other factor that is a prohibited consideration under applicable law.