SoCal Edge is an initiative to accelerate smart investments in high-impact building technologies, leveraging Department of Energy research to identify market-ready, best-in-class efficiency solutions and match them with property owners committed to innovation.


Technologies promoted through SoCal Edge meet the Department Of Energy’s agressive performance specifications, or have been sourced through the LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI)’s innovative technology vetting process.”


Most program technologies have been successfully deployed in GSA Facilities, and thoroughly tested by National Labs to prove their effectiveness. Third party experts will help you measure & verify the performance of the pilot, so you can scale up deployment with confidence.


Gain access to emerging technologies and help create an on-ramp for commercialization and rebates through the utilities. Become a leader, accelerate performance, and change the market.


SoCal Edge Technology Partners average 20% energy and/or water efficiency savings and may be eligible for additional utility rebates. Enhance your buildings’ performance, save money, and foster a culture of innovation in your company.



Smart Meters
15-20% water savings

Rethink Remote Monitoring

IoT Hardware Embedded LED Lighting
50-70% energy savings

Wireless Pneumatic Thermostats
15-20% HVAC energy savings

Wireless Advanced Lighting Controls

30-40% energy savings

Non-Chemical Water Treatment

15-30% water savings

Fluid Dynamics Logo

Non-Chemical Water Treatment

up to 30% savings on cooling tower discharge water

Leak and Flow Monitoring Solution

Depends on water rate, but range from $2,000 to $31,000

Advanced Water Softening Treatment

up to 80% water savings on cooling tower blowdown

Advanced Irrigation Reduction Technology

50% reduction in water costs typically used in turf irrigation


up to 75% lighting energy savings

Data Center Cooling

20-40% of cooling energy with ROIs of less than 3 years

Hybrid Urinals

99-100% Water Savings compared to any conventional flush urinals

UgMo Technologies

Wireless Moisture Sensors

40-80% water savings

Click below to read more about each of our innovative technology partners. Each company has a general overview, rebate/demonstration information, and GPG reports (summary, 4-page and full reports).

SoCal Edge is an initiative to accelerate smart investments in next-generation building technologies.

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The Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge (LABBC) is an innovative utility-funded initiative to support property owners and managers in executing cost-effective building performance upgrades to achieve 20% energy and water savings by 2020. The LABBC serves as an unbiased guide to help you take advantage of all available resources and incentives, and maximize the ROI of your energy and water efficiency upgrades. Learn more at

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