Sorsa-MED is developing a robust microalgae platform for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids and their novel derivatives.

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Sorsa-MED was created to address the near-term need to rapidly synthesize novel cannabinoid derivatives that provide chronic pain management alternatives to opioids without long-term use addiction, psychotropic effects, or other ancillary outcomes associated with opioid use. We are committed to providing solutions for the sickle cell anemia community.

We plan to:

  • Use biotechnology to enhance the nutritional benefits, productivity, yields, and production efficiencies of cannabinoids.
  • Produce a new colony of nutrient-enriched cannabinoid cells that can convert into a suite of downstream applications
  • Enhance production efficiency by reducing water 97%

Our Methodology:

  • Increases productivity/sqft
  • Increases yield/ total biomass
  • Controls fresh water consumption
  • Does not compete with food crops from land resources
  • Has a smaller footprint
  • Decreases OpEx and CapEx to produce a ton of cannabinoids

Proof Points


  • Cannabinoid pathway genes identified and characterized
  • Fatty acid pathway manipulation in E. coli and Yeast
  • Isoprenoid pathway inserted in E. coli and Yeast
  • THC, CBD expressed in E. coli and Yeast


  • Cannabinoid expression in microalgae
  • Directed evolution of cannabinoid genes/enzymes to derive new biosynthetic cannabinoids with alternative functional groups replacing the hydroxyls
  • Global medical marijuana market is projected to be $55.8 billion by 2025
  • Total Available Market: 100 million chronic pain sufferers domestically
  • Serviceable Available Market: Pain-related conditions with a focus on Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Sickle Cell Disease, and Stroke (estimated 49 million Americans)


Lisa Yancey

Lisa Yancey

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Lynnette Kaid