Rain Systems Precision Injection Machine reduces irrigation requirements for turf by 50%.

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Our patented Precision Injection Machine is the most cost effective, technologically advanced solution to reducing irrigation requirements for turf. We inject a cross-link polymer (CLP) at root level that helps conserve 50% of the water needed to irrigate and maintain healthy, green grass. CLP is EPA tested, environmentally safe, 100% biodegradable and is fully effective for up to 5 years.

Drought continues to be a serious issue in California, much of the U.S. and across the globe. The cost and the need to conserve water has increased, creating a greater demand for solutions for turf grass irrigation. With efficient installation time and no damage to the turf, this process is a real solution to water irrigation savings and sustainable green spaces for campuses, parks, resorts and golf courses.

Proof Points

  • Self-funded R&D & build of prototype
  • Received two patents for innovative technological achievements
  • Research Pilot in progress
  • Currently building the go-to-market Precision Injection Machine  (PIM II)


Jim Sibert, Co-Founder

Jim Sibert, Co-Founder

Elaine Sibert, Co-Founder

Elaine Sibert, Co-Founder

Keith Brown

Keith Brown

Board Member and Advisor