A simple, trusted way for homeowners to go solar. Below market-value bids and in-depth analysis provided to homeowners at no charge.

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Pick My Solar has developed an online hub to help homeowners to go solar. The site walks a user through online education and a simple registration process that creates a project for for certified, vetted installers to place bids on. After a set period, the bidding process ends and bid analysis is carried out through a proprietary algorithm. The final three bids selected presented in a user friendly format to allow a homeowner to understand the advantages of each bid. The homeowner then has the opportunity to select a bid on the site and e-sign a contract directly with the installer.

Pick My Solar brings several advantages to the solar market:

  • It helps homeowners feel safe ‘going solar’ and removes the risks created by unscrupulous installers ripping off their customers.
  • It creates competition among installers, incentivizing them to offer the best costs to homeowners.
  • It reduces soft costs for installers involved in customer acquisition by removing the hefty commission paid to solar salesmen, cutting wasted spending on leads that don’t produce, and cutting the high costs of advertising and marketing.
  • It standardizes contracts between installers and customers making apple to apple comparisons easy.
  • It uses algorithmic technology created to automate bid assessment.
  • It streamlines site assessment with new shade analysis technology and customer bill acquiring means.

Proof Points

  • Highly reputable installers have signed up and placed bids seeing the immediate value in our ability to lower their soft costs in customer acquisition.
  • Homeowner bids we have received are well below market-value. Market value in California is around $6/watt. Some of the bids we received have been sub-$4/watt.


Max Aram

Max Aram

Christopher Blevins

Christopher Blevins