Energy Consumption Management for the Age of Intelligence

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Nimbus 9 offers Unifi a responsive, self-optimizing energy management platform for Smart Lighting, Sensors & Plug Load control.

Unifi is a Cloud based platform offering the following capabilities:

  •  Asset level Power Metering
  • Multi-location Monitoring, Control & Optimization
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Control
  • Comprehensive Sensor Framework
  • Pro-active Alerts & Notifications

Proof Points

Unifi, Nimbus 9’s Energy Management Platform provides building owners and tenants a solution that reduces their electricity consumption from Lighting & Plug Load on average 40%. A customer’s investment in Nimbus 9 is typically paid back in under 20 months from the savings in reduced electricity consumption.

Furthermore Nimbus 9 is achieving substantial environmental impact across 28 customer installation:

  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions: 2.14M lbs Annually
  • Reduction of kWh consumption: 1.43M

Awards, Grants or Highlights

Selected as the technology provider for a multi-year environmental initiative at NASA Kennedy Space Center.


John Martinez

John Martinez

CEO and President
Drew Hutchison

Drew Hutchison

Founding Engineer and Director of Development
Newton Banks

Newton Banks

Director, Embedded Systems