Nature Coatings transforms wood waste into high performing, non-toxic pigments for textiles, printing, architectural coatings and more.

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Nature Coatings’ pigment is a bio-based replacement for the 15 million tons of petrol derived carbon black produced annually. Our pigment does not contain any carcinogens or pollutants found in petrol based pigments. Therefore it significantly reduces health risks and pollution associated with existing dyes and pigments.

Nature Coatings’ first pigment is in the color black. Black accounts for at least 30% of all sales in apparel, making it the most important color. Petroleum black also happens to be the most hazardous color. Nature Coatings’ pigment can solve the environmental and health challenges with the color black because it’s non-toxic, cost competitive, higher performing and fits into existing manufacturing methods.

Proof Points

  • Our bio-based pigment replaces petroleum based pigments, thereby reducing environmental pollution and health risks
  • Our pigment is higher performing than petroleum based black pigments because it does not fade in UV light
  • Our pigment is cost competitive
  • Our pigment can be used with existing manufacturing equipment and does not require any upfront capital expenditure to implement
  • Our pigment reduces risk by staying ahead of global Restricted Substance Lists
  • Our pigment is made from FSC certified wood waste from United States’ forests
  • Our pigment is easily scalable
  • Our pigment is suitable for multiple industries, including apparel, paints and inks, and architectural coatings

Awards, Grants or Highlights

  • Nature Coatings was born out of two STTR National Science Foundation Awards from 2016 and 2017.
  • Nature Coatings was a winner of the Fashion for Good / Plug and Play accelerator program in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2017.
  • Nature Coatings joined LACI as a portfolio company in 2017.
  • Nature Coatings raised its first capital in 2018.


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Jane Palmer

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