Pioneering farms of the future to provide access to healthy and affordable locally-grown produce.

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Local Roots develops indoor farming systems to grow the highest-­quality produce 365 days a year in any geography or climate at industry-­leading costs. Our first farms achieve >300x the production densities of conventional farms. Using proprietary controlled-­environment farming methods, we produce high-­value and nutrient­-dense leafy greens using 95% less water than conventional agriculture without the need for pesticides or herbicides.

By removing external risks and eliminating variability, our proprietary growing methods provide unprecedented consistency in quality, yields, and costs. Local Roots is building a network of distributed farms to satisfy the growing demand for high-quality local produce!

Proof Points

  • First farm is operational and selling produce to initial pilot customers
  • 2nd-generation farm has been designed
  • First multi-farm commercial site is being built and deployed
  • Profitable at wholesale market prices
  • Existing customer demand far exceeds current and near-term production capacity
  • Consistency in production and costs enables long-term distribution contracts and numerous financing strategies to scale
  • Demand is global and the technology is applicable in any geography or climate


Eric Ellestad


Job Opportunities

Local Roots is forging the food system of the future! We’re boldly developing technologies to feed the planet healthy and delicious food in an environmentally responsible way. Every day we innovate agriculture in ways that others think impossible. From automated vertical farms to 3D user interfaces, and from real-time logistics to modular production, we’re crafting a scalable business that delivers social impact across the globe. Our goals are absurdly audacious, and we have the opportunity to positively impact the future of humanity.  To do that, we need the most talented people on the planet.

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