Juicer makes faster, more powerful electric bikes in a classic style.

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There are custom cycle shops, and there are custom motorcycle shops, but are there any custom eBike shops? Juicer Electric Motorbicycles is one. The brainchild of founder, David Twomey, Juicer has been making news by building electric custom cruisers since 2010. Featuring powerful mid-­drives and larger battery packs, Juicer boasts some of the fastest, most powerful, and most stable electric bikes.

What sets Juicer apart from mainstream ebikes is a set of design principles culled from a time when all motorcycles had pedals, and analog did not have an opposite. These principles dictate that motorbikes should be metal, not plastic, that a dial is better than a digit, and that a motor shouldn’t operate without a key. Juicer emotorbicyles stand poised to fill the gap between the slow, upright ebikes and the fast sport emotorcycles, with a quick, stylish, and economical alternative to the gas­-powered bikes that came before.

Proof Points

In production since 2010

48V Ranger off-road model shows off its classic racing heritage
5000 Watts of power to climb hills or race off the line

  • Reinforced springer fork
  • 30 mile range @ 20 mph without pedaling

3kW model explores the upper limit of California’s moped category as a civilized commuter. With a top speed of 30 mph and a range of 30 miles this sophisticated four-­horsepower electric has many nods to the needs of urbanites: a 110dB horn, motorcycle grade LED head and brake lights, luggage rails over an otherwise un­-laden tail, and a 12v auxiliary plug to recharge your phone or tablet.


David Twomey

David Twomey