Free-floating shared electric personal mobility platform as an extension of public transit.

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CLEVR is a turnkey intelligent LEV mobility platform built for operationally efficient fleet deployment, real-time control and management, composed of the following elements:

  • Fleet Grade LEVs – an e-bike and an electric kickscooter that are designed and built for fleet use. The kickscooter is a 3-wheel vehicle that offers greater stability and is more universally approachable for all skill levels and age groups.
  • CLEVR Nav enhanced GPS – Precise real time GPS tracking and control of vehicles within 3′ accuracy and ability to geofence designated areas & control vehicle speed over-the-air
  • CLEVR Power (Battery as a Service) – Smart modular battery designed to seamlessly operate both CLEVR vehicles
  • CLEVR App & Command Center – White label app for users to interact with the fleet vehicles and a cloud connected command center that enables fleet operators to manage their batteries & vehicles in real time.

Proof Points

  • The city friendly fleet grade shared personal mobility platform
  • 3 wheeled electric scooter that everyone can ride, regardless of age or skill level
  • CLEVR is the only dockless mobility platform that provides absolute location accuracy of vehicles inside of 3 feet at all times even in GPS compromised situations
  • CLEVR manages regulatory requirements by controlling vehicle behavior over-the-air in real time rather that hoping to control user behavior and compliance while riding
  • CLEVR is the only dockless mobility platform that offers a single modular battery that is interchangeable between two separate vehicles – an e-bike and scooter

Awards, Grants or Highlights

  • 2018 Cities of Tomorrow Challenge Finalist in Miami


Christian Scheder

Christian Scheder

CEO & Co-Founder
Alex Nesic

Alex Nesic

COO & Co-Founder
Kirill Mostov

Kirill Mostov

Red Smith

Red Smith