Economical, Compact and Efficient CO2 Solutions For Industry

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CO2 is the component in greenhouse gas (GHG) that causes the most damage to the environment – and climate change is driven by the increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere. Large emitters such as power plants, petroleum refineries, cement plants, and other chemical producers emit billions of tons of CO2 each year. Currently, other than taxing industries on how much carbon they release each year, there are few other viable means to reduce or eliminate CO2 from industrial emissions. “Cap-And-Trade” (Carbon Exchange) was implemented in many countries to provide incentives for companies to reduce or eliminate harmful CO2 emissions, and while making large strides in some European and Asian nations, cap-and-trade is experiencing slow adoption in the West due to the high cost of removing CO2 from industrial smokestack gasses.

CarbonCap, LLC provides a low-cost service to our industrial clients to remove CO2 from smokestack gasses for a fixed-fee-per-ton removed. The fee is typically below the price-per-ton for a carbon credit on the Carbon Exchange. Once removed, our client can then sell the carbon credit on the Carbon Exchange, allowing them to remove the harmful GHG on a revenue-neutral to revenue-positive basis. Our service is ideal for any company to implement, as it does not require any expenditure of CAPEX – and carries no parasitic heat or fresh water load on our client’s industrial process. CarbonCap hauls away the captured CO2 in our turn-key process – eliminating the traditional expense associated with carbon removal. Finally, CarbonCap’s equipment has the smallest footprint in the industry and requires only a fraction of the space that other less efficient and more expensive CO2 reduction equipment requires.


Ed De Reyes

Ed De Reyes

CTO/General Manager and Co-Founder