Arensis recycles waste and biomass into carbon neutral energy with the world’s smallest power plant

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The E3 is a Micro Combined Heat and Power System, which provides decentralized energy supply in developed and emerging markets. In a high-temperature reactor the compact power station uses solid biomass to generate high-quality syngas, which is used to produce up to 25 kW of electricity and 60 kW of thermal energy.

With a length of 186 cm, width of 156 cm and height of 200 cm the biomass generator is compact and can be easily transported anywhere in the world. Its modular concept enables individual units to be combined to form a larger plant while maintaining scalable power generation – SMART Plant – turning off a portion of a power plant during off peak demand. The power generated can be consumed locally or sold to the electricity grid. The system also provides heating and cooling.

Proof Points

  • Low capital expenditure
  • Low operating expenditure (energy from waste) 24/7 remote management
  • Multi-fuel with more than 100 mixtures
  • Easy to move
  • Climate resistant
  • Perfect off the grid

Awards, Grants or Highlights

  • Inc. 5000 Europe #360
  • Top European Scaleup – SEC2SV
  • Red Herring Europe 2014 – winner
  • German Accelerator – top 15 most innovative tech startups
  • Top 10 products of Industriepreis 2015


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Julien Uhlig

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