AVM’s purpose-built, all-electric shuttle provides a cost-effective, “last mile” transit solution.

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“Why isn’t EVERY hotel, parking, or airport shuttle all-electric?” Here’s how AVM addresses three existing barriers:

  1. Infrastructure – We can work within the growing existing charging infrastructure instead of using proprietary systems incompatible with competitors and other vehicles.
  2. Technology – We use a proprietary battery technology that’s more expensive, but safer and capable of charging in 12-15 minutes per 4-5 hours of use.
  3. Cost – We purpose-build a unique, monocoque design that offers almost 25% lower cost of ownership over four years, and pencils out favorably as soon as Year 3, WITHOUT incentives.

Proof Points

Superior monocoque construction that has twice the service life of existing truck-based shuttles.

Dedicated low-floor design that offers superior passenger access.

All-electric power, which is significantly less costly to maintain and repair compared to gas or diesel.

Zero-emission, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, noise and chemical pollution.

Saves almost 25% in total cost of ownership over four years.


Larry Brennan

Larry Brennan