LACI holds first Portfolio Company Showcase in its “Garage”

Yves Lefay, Founder of Eliosolar, talks about the purchase process for solar thermal building integrated shades

LACI held its first Portfolio Company Showcase on June 28th, 2012, featuring six Portfolio Companies and a stealth guest.  The informal afternoon was designed to bring the LACI network of advisors, mentors, investors, stakeholders and Portfolio Companies together for greater visibility and collaboration.

Held in the new 2500 square foot “LACI Garage,” our newest facility that gives companies much needed assembly and bench space, it was a good way for entrepreneurs to refine their pitch and make valuable connections.   Some 60 advisors, mentors, angels, VCs, and government guests took part in the presentation, had a drink, and some great organic food from local caterer Meg Taylor.

Click here to see a great video on the event put together by Sarah Backhouse and the team at

Here are some snapshots from the event that featured Eliosolar, 360 Energy, DB New Energy, Hive Lighting, Gridtest Systems, and California Lithium Battery:

Robert Rutherford, Hive Lighting CEO, identifies the problem they solve: expensive, polluting lighting systems in the entertainment industry (the event was masterfully lit with Hive’s lights)

Gridtest CEO Neal Roche gives the audience one more chance to participate in his financing round, which closed the following day

Lei He from DB New Energy explains the advantages of their battery swapping system for fleet electrification

Our stealth guest, Clay Kahler, from StoneMade

Ian Harris, LACI Director of Operations, gives the pitch to Sarah Backhouse from Future360