SKY Psychology Brand Design Workshop: The Passion Pitch


Thursday, February 2nd
6:00PM – 7:30PM
La Kretz Innovation Campus

Whether your goal is to win new investors or new customers, the challenge is the same: how do you convey your value and your vision in a moment, and how do you get your audience to become champions and advocates of your business in that same small window of time? In today’s noisy world you have a matter of seconds to grab attention and keep it.

Join us for an interactive workshop to learn the keys and principles of building brands and presentations that communicate potently. From this session, attendees will walk away with insights that can be applied immediately to the companies they lead, and in new opportunities on the horizon.

This event is for
• company leadership
• brand managers
• designers
• marketers
• content creators

From Seed to Plate: How to Attract Investment in the Agriculture, Food & Water Technology Space


Wednesday, January 25th
La Kretz Innovation Campus
Register for “From Seed to Plate” (5:30PM-7:00PM)
Register for LACI Agriculture & Food Science Cluster Meeting (4:00PM-5:30PM)

We’re hosting a special event directly following the LACI Agriculture & Food Science Cluster Meeting. This event will focus on the investment landscape of the agriculture, food, and water technology space. This intimate speed-networking event will match mentors in the space with a broad range of entrepreneurs, ranging from urban farmers to students and agriculture technology innovator. The mentors will come from a broad set of backgrounds, ranging from Agriculture Tech, Food Technology, Finance, Venture Capital, and Water Technology.

Each mentor will be matched with two to three entrepreneurs, who will spend 10-15 minutes with each group, answering questions about navigating financing and growth within the space. We hope to have enough mentors and applicants so that each entrepreneur will be able to meet with 3-4 mentors.

Please email Aayushi Jain if you’re interested in participating as a mentor at the event.

#AIShowbiz Conference


Thursday, January 12th
9:00AM – 9:00PM
La Kretz Innovation Campus
Register (There’s a Wowza Media Live Stream option too.)

The world’s first conference dedicated to the intersection of AI and entertainment is coming to LA! Created by Mentor InSight, Inc. in partnership with Lionbridge and LACI, this day long celebration will feature an entrepreneurial pitch fest and innovation fair, and trailblazer talks from top funders, firms and founders, including executives from Intel Capital, IBM and Virtuosity.