What We Need

The Executive in Residence (EIR) has experience as a founder or executive in a high-growth technology business and has gone through the cycles of raising capital, strategic partner, channels and supplier development, team development and business exits. The EIR will be a dedicated advisor that coaches multiple companies within LACI’s portfolio on all aspects of building a high growth business. You will work with the best and the brightest ensuring that our Portfolio Companies (PCs) have the best chance for success bringing their technology or services to market.

Your Responsibilities

  • 100% integrity and honesty offering the best possible advice (individually and leveraging LACI team and resources) for assigned and unassigned PCs.
  • Offer consistent, weekly counsel to assigned LACI PC executives with the goal of helping them succeed.
  • Advise on all aspects of corporate development, including coaching on execution. Document and share progress with LACI management team.
  • Set and advise on assigned PCs Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) as well as attending unassigned LACI PC QBRs as part of EIR team.
  • Set and advise on Annual Strategic Long Range Planning (SLRP) with assigned PCs.
  • Facilitate PC access to LACI resources and network when the PCs and LACI are ready for such interaction.
  • Responsible for maintaining an “LACI PC Scorecard” for each assigned PC. This scorecard will be reviewed by the LACI executive team from time to time to assess PCs as they proceed through the LACI program.
  • Responsible for flagging when PCs might make mistakes and bring this to the attention of PC management and the LACI team as early as possible.
  • Network, network, network. LACI is a growing community and each EIR is a part of the ecosystem. Everyone does their part to expand the circle.
  • Periodic Reviews: Executives evaluate EIRs, and EIRs evaluate executive teams as to their progress and effectiveness. This closed-loop system insures maximum value-add to each party: effective EIRs inevitably are asked to do more work both for their initial portfolio company as well as with other companies.

Your Qualifications

  • Significant startup or growth company experience and a track record (in starting, funding, growing and exiting businesses) that will help our PC founders thrive. Past executive role(s) in a growth company a must
  • Supportive coach, mentor and team player
  • You believe in LACI’s mission and work hard to help our PCs succeed
  • Work for purpose and passion, not a paycheck
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision that enjoys a team environment
  • A roll up your sleeves and get dirty – doer

Your Benefits

  • Beautiful, fun, office environment in the hub of cleantech and start-up incubation
  • Spend your days with the best and brightest entrepreneurs making a difference in the world

How to Apply
To be considered, please apply online here.