Ready to Apply?

What you should know about us

We don’t invest cash. do help you find it. are well-seasoned entrepreneurs. get it. are tough love advocates. don’t do the work for you. do make it a lot easier. go to bat for you. won‘t go to bat for you before you’re ready. won’t say yes unless we know we can help. are in it for the long run.

To make sure it’s a good fit, take a moment to confirm:

You’re a cleantech company.

We define “cleantech” broadly – products or services that advance sustainable or efficient use of resources – and we’re open to great ideas that push the boundaries.

With a vision for big impact.

We’re looking for truly disruptive technologies and business models… for initiatives that will have big environmental, social and economic impact.

You want help.

Everyone checks egos at the door.  If you want honest, real help and are willing to do the work, our sweet spot is “early stage,” and we have impact players and programs for companies in development stages ranging from Genesis (haven’t formed a company yet) through Growth and Expansion.

You have what it takes.

Less than 1 in 10 companies who apply make the cut. You (and your team) must be dedicated and capable. We commit serious expertise and resources to you, and we expect nothing less in return.

You value diversity.

We’re committed to building a more inclusive ecosystem that integrates women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups into the cleantech sector and the overall tech industry. We strongly encourage applications from qualified applicants and members of underrepresented groups.

LA makes sense.

Part of our mission is to grow the green economy via Los Angeles and help create jobs here. To bring the mighty LA cleantech ecosystem to the table to help you, it must make sense for you to grow (and hopefully stay) in LA.

For more detail on the process before you apply, take a look at this document on Becoming an LACI Portfolio Company.

Once you do apply, we vet your plan and experts help with the first filter.  If that looks good, the next step includes an in-person interview, financial review and reference check. If that looks good (and we’re both still excited), then the real work begins!  Expect 3-6 weeks once you hit submit.

If you have questions before you apply, please email us at info [at]