LACI Executive Director Fred Walti meets with White House CEQ Chair Nancy Sutley as well as other government and educational leaders at the LACI.

We are your (absolutely biased) advocates.  The LACI network is strong, and we do whatever it takes to open the right doors and make the connections you need to succeed.

As the City’s official incubator, we are a central part of the private / public network building a green economy here in Los Angeles. We know lots of people and our circle of friends and associates is constantly growing as we seek companies, advisors, partners, leaders, staff and capital to help our portfolio companies. While we can’t – and won’t — promise to get you financing or a big contract with the city, we will open every door we can that will help our portfolio companies succeed.

A few of the areas we’ve helped portfolio companies with include:

  • Collaboration with the major research universities
  • Purchase orders from key stakeholders
  • Demonstration projects with key stakeholders
  • Access and introductions to City, State and Federal leaders
  • Connections with investment capital
  • Employee and executive recruitment and matchmaking
  • Press coverage
  • And more…

Getting doors opened is only part of the benefit of being in our orbit. Collaborating on ideas, being the first to hear about an important new technological development, being in a group of peers who are all trying to do the same thing is the intangible component of being part of the hub being built in the Cleantech Corridor.