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LACI Founder Series Spotlight - ElectricFish

LACI startup ElectricFish has developed and patented a battery storage-integrated EV charging system that can plug into existing, ubiquitous electrical infrastructure like at gas stations to provide an easily installed, ultrafast EV charger. Charging EVs via such batteries reduces sudden charging loads on grids. ...

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) Live Stream


LACI DOE Epic Prove It Grant Submission 9 20 23

LACI’s Transportation and Energy Nexus Innovation Program, TENx, is driving new clean energy innovation. We have identified three promising hardware startups ready to scale their technologies and deliver integrated microgrid solutions to help Los Angeles achieve its ambitious climate targets and revolutionize the way energy is harnessed and distributed, including vehicle charging and building decarbonization. ...

LACI Spring Power Day 2023

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) Spring Power Day is a celebration of California’s clean energy ecosystem and brings together startups, policymakers, industry leaders and advocates to discuss the latest advancements and barriers in the clean energy sector. We'll showcase our latest cohort of startups and highlight their clean technology solutions, and pilots that provide social, economic and environmental benefits to the greater Los Angeles region. Learn more at ...

En Español: Info on LACI's Community Pilots & Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Training Fellowship

Información sobre pilotos comunitarios de LACI y su programa de entrenamiento de equipos de servicio de vehículos eléctricos. ...

Info on LACI's Community Pilots & Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Training Fellowship

Learn more about how LACI's EVSE Training Fellowship helps communities in Los Angeles transition to using EVs! ...

LACI DOE EPIC Grant Video R2 Move It! Entry

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator - LACI - is creating an inclusive green economy for the people of Los Angeles.

Since 2011, LACI has helped build a regional innovation ecosystem that supports the discovery and commercialization of clean technologies, and the creation of green jobs.

In June, we will select 3 to 5 applicants to bench test their innovative technology at LACI’s Advanced Prototyping Center in the fall and deploy a large-scale microgrid pilot with a corporate partner in 2024.

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